A digital platform for urinary tract health by Utiva.

UTI Tracker Features

Facebook Integration

Login with your Facebook for easy access or create a new account with your e-mail address. Facebook login is a private connection. The app will never post for you.

Symptom Tracker

Track your urinary tract symptoms daily and never miss a day with built-in daily reminders.

Interactive Voiding Diary

Interactive voiding diary that allows for tracking of beverage consumption, urinary frequency, and volume.

Behavior Patterns

Automatic notifications of behavior patterns that may cause UTIs (or related symptoms), with tips on how to prevent them, and to assist with timed voiding.

Daily Journal

Ability to review your daily journal for up to a year and e-mail reports to your doctor.

Weekly Tips

Receive push notifications on a weekly basis to help prevent and treat UTIs.

What People Are Saying

Incredibly educational, this app is like a personal doctor’s visit worth of information about UTIs.
Medical Doctor
Very thorough. Goes above and beyond the common UTI issues everyone already knows about.
The app is easy to use for simple tracking tasks, but has the capability to maintain detailed diet and voiding data. Parents can adapt it to the needs of their child. I like the easy-to-use print and email functions.
Pediatric Urologist
This app has been a lifesaver! I have recurrent UTIs - about 5-6 per year. Since I travel for work, I was constantly at different doctors/urgent care clinics. This app gave me a way to keep everything in one place for my doctor so I could get the treatment I needed.
App User
Such an easy and effective tool to communicate my symptoms to the doctor. We were able to pinpoint the exact problem and my physician offered an immediate solution.
App User
I love how user-friendly this app is. I have frequent UTIs and this makes it so easy to track my symptoms and triggers. The section about prevention strategies gave me some great tips too.
App User

About the UTI Tracker App

The UTI Tracker mobile app helps patients take control of their healthcare by cataloging daily urinary tract symptoms, medication, and behavioral patterns, and offers personalized tips for UTI prevention.

Created by a board-certified female urologist, UTI Tracker was designed to help patients who are frustrated by treatments that work only temporarily. Many patients have not been informed that recurrent UTIs can be reduced with behavioral modification. When used regularly, this app will recognize lifestyle patterns that could be contributing to UTI symptoms.


For Patients

The app assists with cataloging symptoms, behaviors, treatments and cultures in a fun and easy way. When patients are able to identify patterns or triggers for pain episodes, physicians can better treat and prevent future infections.

For Physicians

The app concisely compiles history of patient UTI symptoms, behaviors and treatments in a manner that can be quickly reviewed.


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